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Digital marketing

Would you believe us if we told you that the world we live in has about 4.388 billion

Internet users already, and they are still increasing? Just imagine how crucial it is for your

brand to be visible online!

Digital Marketing

services offered

We offer you the most powerful and engaging Social Media Marketing services that help your brand maintain a concrete presence on the most dynamic social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Our plans are designed such that you can connect with your customers, provide them with the most unique information about your brand, build strong relationships that directly influence your sales, and construct an illustrious Brand Reputation among your audience.

It is insane how millions of brands are constantly vying for bigger audiences in the huge competitive marketplace! With our most effective ideas, we can help you use Search Engine Marketing to bring you the attention of potential customers who are in search of services just like yours. We know how to use efficient platforms like Google Adwords ingeniously, and thus create the most catchy display advertisements of all kinds on Google and Bing.

Marketing is actually not done when you think it’s done. We are your last-mile support while your brand takes its steps beyond Marketing; we make sure that you are represented fairly online using the wonderful tool called ‘Online Reputation Management’. We establish for you a spotless image of your brand by eliminating all the misleading trends and ensure that your brand holds the clearest identity in front of the audience. That is what Online Reputation Management is all about!

Email Marketing is the winner amongst all possible strategies that one may use as a Marketer. It brings along the highest ROI and the resultant business growth is nothing short of incredible! Email addresses have turned out to become the ultimate virtual addresses of the public, and our Email Marketing strategies are built to make the most out of this highly preferred and popular communication channel. A regular email routine will help your brand grow stronger and bigger every day!

Pay Per Click Advertisements come with a yellow label on the top of the generated results on Google, and surprisingly, they are the most clicked upon advertisements than any other form of digital advertisements. Then why not give it a try? We make sure that your Pay Per Click Campaigns are smartly designed and run smoothly to generate the most satisfactory response from potential customers and then turn them into customers in the most reliable manner. 

In the race to grow more and more, it is a common error to pay the required attention towards the potential customers, and that’s where Lead Generation Marketing can save you! We know how to cleverly market your leads and arouse more interest in them. Lead Generation Marketing is disguised in many sorts and to handle it smartly is all you need to win the game. Ingenious offers an attractively wise Lead Generation Marketing so that you do not miss out on that big chunk of revenue!

So what if a potential customer didn’t change into a customer at once, giving up on them is not the trait of a true Marketer! Remarketing is that amazing tool that brings the interested set of audience back to you and looks at your brand with an increased interest because now you know what they really want. We chase your potential customers and process our remarketing strategies in a manner that they wouldn’t easily resist giving a glance at you for one more time.

The Influencer Marketing arena has incredibly evolved with an increased number of dedicated influencers whose audience has invested ample trust in them. There is no full stop to growing as an influencer and we understand that. Our Influencer Marketing tactics can help you achieve a better pace of growth among your audience and even gaining more audiences with authentic strategies. All you have to do is have the power to influence and we will leave no stone unturned to make it big for you!

Do you see how becoming viral is the new trend? Well, becoming hit these days is not mere luck, there are well-planned strategies behind it! Viral Campaigns, if constructed with brains, can help you spread at the speed of light. Our team uses its wisdom and expertise to use this brilliant tool of Viral Marketing to create miracles for you. 


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We are young and believe in Originality & Innovation! We abide by the principle of digging for data-driven marketing solutions, customized and personalized content. We don’t just rush into taking action, we first understand the data and then proceed to building smart marketing strategies. Moreover, when you join your hands with us, we are no more two different sets of professionals, we become a team and your goals become our goals. You choose us and we choose what’s best for you!

  • Data Driven Marketing Strategy
  • High Engagement Story Telling Campaigns
  • Customized & Personalized Plans
  • Effective Content Production

Our Disciplinary action


initial stage

initial stage

As this is the initial stage so we look into online marketing opportunity for the business.

Implementation stage

Implementation Stage

As data is organized, we start engaing users with creatives/graphics & videos to boost business.

Analysis Stage

Analysis Stage

At this stage we perform SWOT analysis as well as internal analysis for the business which help us in further planning.

Review Stage

Review Stage

As our team implement different strategy to engage users on one end, we continuously review page performance on weekly/ monthly basis.

organizing Stage

organizing Stage

Once analysis is completed all the data is collected and organized . Focus during this stage is to identify data that could create opportunity for business.
Timing is very crucial for user-engagement on social-media. To ensure post reach to maximum people we post at business hours only.
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Delivering the right content at right time can only make any post successful. Our expertise deliver professional visual content to ensure content success.
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Our team on weekly as well as monthly basis review client’s page/website performance and provide the report about the same.
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